Sustainable Solutions

HSMG™ develops and licenses eco-friendly solutions to eliminate persistent chemistries globally used by pulp, paper and packaging manufacturers and specialty chemical companies.

Our patent-pending technology, PROTĒAN™, is a revolutionary platform for producing sustainable additive and barrier coating formulations for water, oil and grease resistance. This platform technology can be formulated to provide eco-friendly, cost-effective solutions for commercial replacement of legacy materials such as plastic coatings and fluorochemicals.

Creating New Standards

PROTĒAN™ is a plant-derived solution that helps manufacturers reduce their carbon footprint by offering key incentives across the entire lifecycle of a product. We work with manufacturers to identify new standards in sustainability by creating customized and cost-competitive formulations that are:

Versatile Technology

As the platform technology, PROTĒAN™ is highly versatile and can be scaled to provide multiple levels of water, oil and grease resistance for multiple applications. As the innovative solution for the commercial marketplace, PROTĒAN™ contains no volatile compounds, can be easily adapted into commercial mills without a large capital investment and is FDA-approved for food contact.

PROTĒAN™ can be customized for virtually all commercial applications:

PROTĒAN™ Water Barrier

PROTĒAN™ Water Barrier formulations become interlaced in the paper matrix, lending impressive strength properties to commercial applications. The technology can be used as a wet-end additive or formulated into an eco-friendly barrier coating solution. The inherent properties deliver impressive water-resistance to paper-based products that is comparable to bio-plastics with a lower overall product coat weight. An additional solution is to use the technology as an emulsifier to aid with anti-blocking.

We can help you identify the best formula for your application needs. Each formulation is accompanied by a respective SDS.



PROTĒAN™ OGR Barrier formulations cover double the range of 3M kit values when compared to existing fluorine-free alternatives. The grease barrier properties allow the paper-based packaging to maintain dry strength. These OGR formulations deliver impressive oil and grease resistance properties to paper with a lower overall coat weight, proving to be a formidable alternative for companies looking to replace fluorochemicals. This technology also offers limited water-resistant properties that have proven to be helpful for food industry related applications.

We can help you identify the best formula for your application needs. Each formulation is accompanied by a respective SDS.

Flexible Integration and Manufacturing Efficiency

Flexible Integration and Manufacturing Efficiency

Our experts work side-by-side with your teams to identify solutions and to ensure that such formulations are aligned with your manufacturing objectives and capabilities. Formulations can also be converted into high-solids coatings and are scalable for industrial or commercial applications based on your coat weight and viscosity requirements. The process involves a prolific strategy, beginning with samples and trials leading into prototype production.
Cost Competitive and Environmentally Responsible

Cost Competitive and Environmentally Responsible

We are not only the premier eco-friendly alternative to legacy technologies for paper and packaging needs, but we are the cost-effective choice across the entire supply chain. The globally accessible raw material for our platform technology is a plant derivative that is abundantly available and will not deplete our natural resources. Our technology can be adapted without significant infrastructure changes to existing operations. The applications using our formulations can be recyclable, compostable and biodegradable to cover the entire lifecycle.
Formulation and Supply

Formulation and Supply

Through our in-house R&D capabilities, we identify the unique blend of materials necessary for the formulations. Once the materials have been selected, we help our licensees secure suppliers necessary to formulate and convert. We also secure speciality formulators for certain licensees based on their needs.

Market Applications

Agricultural Paper Mulch

Disposable Coffee Cups

Formed Fiber

Hot & Cold Food Containers

OGR Food Board

OGR Food Wraps

Oil Absorbents

Paper Bags

Paper Straws

Licensing Opportunities

We continue to develop and invest in our IP as we learn from our in-house experts. By working side-by-side with our licensees and partners, we have identified practical solutions for virtually any application that uses a cellulose-base for water, oil or grease-resistance. Our current projects include applications in the agricultural, food service, specialty paper, packaging and retail industries, and oil-spill management. We also work with specialty chemical companies for them to become a part of the solution.

The technology has proven to be truly versatile as we continue to identify new avenues through additional R&D. Our team of experienced professionals has the knowledge to help manufacturers look beyond legacy technologies.

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